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A Delayed Diagnosis of an Acquired Dyke–Davidoff–Masson Syndrome Variant

  • By Poonam Bharti, Shobhana Sahajanand, Tanuj Chandok, Chahat Sahoonja
  • Case Reports
  • October-December 2019

Dyke–Davidoff–Masson syndrome (DDMS) is an uncommon disease characterized by seizures, hemiparesis, facial asymmetry, and mental retardation with varied psychological manifestation with distinct features on cross-sectional radiological imaging.1Dyke–Davidoff–Masson syndrome is occasionally seen in clinical practice but one of the important causes of recurrent and refractory seizures. The clinical presentation as well as the radiological features may be variable depending on the age and extent of cerebral insult. We report a case of an acquired form of DDMS in a 17-year-old unmarried boy with a history of recurrent seizures with cognitive decline as well as neuroimaging presentation.


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