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A Review on Cell Cycle Checkpoints in Relation to Cancer

  • By Swarup K Panda, Subhashree Ray, Sarthak R Nayak, Sudeshna Behera, Sangeeta S Bhanja, Viyatprajna Acharya
  • Review Article
  • October-December 2019

A recent in-depth view of cell cycle regulation and cancer has provided novel samples of research at the “Frontiers of Science.” However, the number of foremost revealing information about both the topics has been derived from the intersection of these two fields.1–5 This review intends to introduce the basics of the cell cycle and its regulation at different checkpoints in relation to cancer. Cancer is broadly a result of unchecked cell multiplication due to abnormal activity of varied cell cycle proteins; therefore, cell cycle regulators are considered attractive targets in cancer therapy. Many cancers are uniquely linked with these proteins and are therefore selectively sensitive to their inhibition.6 After a long run of research on the physiological functions of cell cycle proteins and their relevance for cancer, these data recently got converted into the first approved cancer therapeutics, targeting the regulator of cell cycle.7 Here, we are reviewing the role of cell cycle proteins in cancer, only on those proteins that directly regulate cell cycle progression along with cyclin-dependent kinases (CDKs) and their transcriptional regulatory mechanisms.


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