Clinical and etiological profile of acute febrile illness with thrombocytopenia – a one year hospital based cross sectional study

  • By Mamatha B.Patil
  • Original Article

Objectives : To assess the clinical and etiological profile of patients with acute febrile illnesses associated with thrombocytopenia.

Material & Methods : A one year prospective study conducted at the Rajarajeshwari Medical College and Hospital, Bangalore, 200 patients aged more than 12 years with fever and thrombocytopenia were included in this study. The clinical profile of bleeding manifestations & etiological profile to assess the cause were evaluated for the population studied.

Results: infection was the commonest cause of thrombocytopenia and dengue fever was the most common among the infections. Regarding the bleeding manifestation which were seen in 45% of patients, 85% of patients had petechiae and/or purpura as the commonest bleeding manifestation, followed by spontaneous bleeding in 51%. Good recovery was noted in 97% of patients and morality rate was 3%. Septicemia accounted for 50% of deaths followed by dengue & leptospirosis which contributed to 33% and 17% of mortality respectively.

Conclusions : infections, particularly dengue was the commonest cause of fever with thrombocytopenia. In majority of patients thrombocytopenia was transient and asymptomatic, however the commonest bleeding manifestations were petechiae and/or purpura. On treating the specific cause, improvement in platelet count was noted in majority of patients at the time of discharge and during further follow-up.


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