Comparative Study of The Efficacy of Intrathecal Fentanyl and Dexmedetomidine With Bupivacaine for Infraumbilical Surgeries

  • By Dr.Madhumala, Dr. Sahajanand, Dr.Rangalakshmi, Dr.Soumya Rohit
  • Original Article

Background: Spinal anaesthesia is the most common technique used for infra umbilical surgeries.A prospective randomised study was carried out to compare the fficacy and clinical profile of adding adjuvants,dexmedetmodine and fentanyl to intrathecal bupivacaine.

Methods: 100 ASA I and II patients scheduled for major surgeries under spinal naesthesia were chosen for the study and were randomly allocated into two groups.Group F recieved 3ml , 0.5 % hyperbaric bupivacaine+25 μg Fentanyl(vol 0.5ml),Group D recieved 3ml, 0.5 % hyperbaric bupivacaine + 5 μg Dexmedetomidine (vol 0.5 ml).Time of onset of T10 sensory block , peak sensory block , onset of Bromage 3 , regression to Bromage 0 , side effects and need of rescue analgesics in the post Operative period were observed.

Results: The demographic profile and ASA class were comparable between the roups.
Group D had early onset, early peak effect, prolonged duration and decreased quirements of rescue analgesics when compared to group F

Conclusion: Dexmedetomidine is a better neuraxial adjuvant compared with Fentanyl for providing early onset and prolonged post operative analgesia.


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