Nanotechnology: Medical Applications and Health Hazards

  • By Satyanarayana V, Basavaraj Bhandari, Jyotirmoy Adhikary
  • Review Article

Nanomedicine involves utilization of anaotechnology for the benefit of human health and well being. The use of pharmacological agents developed using classical strategies of pharmacological development is frequently limited by pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics problems such as low efficacy or lack of selectively.

Furthermore, the efficacy of different drugs such as chemotherapeutical agents is often limited by dose –dependent side effects. With the use of nanotechnology, targeting drug molecules to the site of action is becoming a reality because of the small size of nanoparticles, which can penetrate across different barriers through small capillaries into individual cells which reduce the effect of the drug on other site while maximizing the therapeutic effect. The use of nanotechnology in various sectors of therapeutics has revolutionized the field of medicine where nanoparticles used for diagnostics, therapeutics and as biomedical tools for research. Though the expectations from nanotechnology in medicine are high and the potential benefits are endlessly enlisted, the safety of nanomedicine is not yet fully defined. Use of nanotechnology in medical therapeutics needs adequate evaluation of its risk and safety factors.


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